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Ciudad Zero is a titanic project created by Germán Calle in the city of New York to support Latin American metal bands, which he has molded, polished and put on the air on and independent DIY way. The passion of this music lover undeniable and has turned his project into a life project. To keep it on the air he has to work in other areas like helping with the production of events. He recently started to make a podcast called -Below Zero- where he presents a weekly Metal album. This is a very valuable space in the current underground scene. We have an exclusive interview here in Subterránica.

What is CIUDAD ZERO and why to star such a project, what is its purpose?

Ciudad Zero is a website that came up with the purpose of talking about music, not criticizing it, the purpose of expressing how an album changed the way of how I appreciate music, without pretending to be a connoisseur of the musical fundamentals, but one that appreciates and love extreme sounds. It appeared as unexpected things appear… without warning.

How has the dynamic of creation in CIUDAD ZERO been? We know that there is a web page, a podcast, etc.

It was born as a website, but there were some ramifications, one of which was to promote Latin bands in New York venues. I have also started to make a weekly podcast that brings together the best of the "underground" sounds, giving priority to bands that have done excellent work but have not had the proper support and promotion, much less the attention of famous record labels.

How do you see musical journalism compared to other times, now in the digital age?

I would never consider myself a journalist, since for that I should have studied, rather I would consider myself as passionate about extreme music. But journalism has grown and is available to everyone, although this fact has not been exploited by artists, perhaps due to the excessive ego of being a rocker.

Do you think it really matters to write about music? It´s important to write about records and bands.

Writing about music is great, but as long as it is done in a honestly way, I really do not criticize anything that "I do not like", out of respect for the reader and the artist, at the risk of being wrong. Now about journalists who do know music and judge it, sometimes I agree with them in some aspects, but I'm usually bored when they pretend to be too technical when doing it, I care about the results of a song, if the sound transforms my thought it´s ok.

What is your goal with CIUDAD ZERO, where do you want to get?

No place in particular, my goal is to continue having fun, learning, and enjoying music and everything I do.

Speaking with you I felt a kind of anger about seeing that the bands seem to be the least interested in the media that support them.

Yes, that's incredible, you're the one who most insists on promoting works by bands that do not even share with others what you do, as I told you, it's the artists' ego.

What are some of your favorite bands that you like to write about and why?

What I really enjoy the most is doom/death, melodeath, traditional thrash, and other genres such as punk, blues, rock, Latin jazz and even vintage salsa.

How do you finance city Zero?

With my pocket, hahahaha

You are one of the nominees for the Subterranica Latin American Rock & Pop Music Awards NYC, is this the first time that we are going to do this event in the USA, do you think these independent efforts are worth it?

What!!! Is that for real? hahahaha, I really do not think I deserve it, but I appreciate the detail especially coming from Subterránica, I really appreciate that!

Now, off course that it is of tremendous importance to create spaces for our artists, an award like these dedicated to the Latin rock movement in a multicultural city like New York is a gigantic step. Congratulations to SUBTERRANICA.

From your perspective, How do you see the future of the rock music industry for Latin Americans?

It has grown, indisputably, although if the media were used as the platforms on which to expose the work of an artist, progress would be greater, but there is again the Achilles' heel of the Latin artist: conformism, ego, lack of knowledge of our artists, that's why I think it is very important that a band has a director of image and promotion.

To finish, tell us where we can follow Ciudad Zero?

Well -BELOW ZERO- can be heard in the SPREAKER application that is free and we publish it on our pages, mentioning that you can download it, but always expressing that the best way to support our music is buying original material, remember that depends on it the survival of our artists.

Thanks to Subterránica for supporting our efforts to achieve a stage for our bands in this iron city.


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