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When one looks at the constellation of Latin American musicians that are all over the planet, sometimes some stand out for their personal aspects besides the musical one. Sebastián Rivera is known as El Colombian Rocker and his story is supremely interesting. He is a person who has dedicated his life to play and compose rock music and to social causes, and as it happens to many, he has more followers abroad than in his homeland and yet he remains committed to social causes. The Colombian Rocker is a character that has been created to carry messages of love, peace and change to their fans, he uses a Glam aesthetic that combines with their sincere way of living. Rock music is an instrument that The Colombian Rocker uses very well to express what he feels and what he thinks, he is a true militant of the movement. The following is an exclusive conversation for Subterránica about his recent nomination in the First Latin American Rock and Pop Awards in the category Best Artist USA, because it is in this country where he is carrying out his project, where he lives with half of his heart, because the other half still remains in Colombia.

Who is El Colombia Rocker?

Sebastián Rivera is The Colombian Rocker, the name of my solo project, born from the song of Chilean rock band song "We are South American Rockers". I was born in Colombia and I play only Rock music.

You have a very critical sense of reality, which is a good thing. What do you have to say about Colombia?

Yes, I have a critical sense I am very realistic, I do not believe in fairy tales, politically speaking Colombia is a very poorly managed country and they take advantage of their people.
Colombia is the country where I was born, it brings me nostalgia, it's like the girlfriend you love, but you know it hurts you and it's better to leave her in the past.

What does the Colombian Rocker do in New York?

I'm a music teacher from 9am to 4:30 pm and then I work at Madison Square Garden from 6pm to 1am.

Building my dream in music and the dreams of my daughter and wife.

What is the message of your music, what are you playing for?

The message of my music is entertainment, my song "69 Rocks" says “we are going to have a party tonight with me back in the car, listen to me Dj put Rock n 'roll, I ALREADY BORED OF LISTEN Reggeaton.” Another position in my lyrics is to open the eyes of people politically speaking, in te song "In the news" you can find the dark side of society, you do not need drugs or alcohol, they sell you destruction.

What equipment do you use live?

Pearl battery, Zildjian cymbals, Marshall amp, guitar and Epiphone bass.

What have been some high points in your career as a musician?

The highest point, was in the year 2011, with the "69 Rocks" album release, although it was never in the stores, took us through several cities of Colombia.

Tell us about your songs, what are your favorites, what anecdotes do you have to compose?

My favorite song is "69 Rocks", represents my style and my influences very well.

An anecdote, I wrote "I looked for you" (look it up on YouTube) because we lost our puppy and I wrote the song, but the best anecdote was when I met AEROSMITH, I told Steven Tyler, sing to me please, and he said - "baby, baby , baby "- I wrote the song based on the experiences of that afternoon, Tom Hamilton told me that I looked like Gene Simmons of KISS, hehe, very funny.

Besides music you dedicate yourself to audiovisual production and other activities, tell us about this

I studied audio visual media production at the Superior School of Telecommunications in Colombia, when I graduated, I opened with my wife -Rock Television- to interview Rock artists.

You are nominated for an award for your work in music, for the visibility of other cultures and for your career. What do you think about this, what do you think about the Awards that we will hold in New York?

I cried when I heart about the nomination for Subterranica Awards, and I was very excited, it was as if my music was a message in the bottle traveling in the sea of the Internet and Subterranica found the bottle, opened it and I liked the message, very grateful to you.
How do you see rock today in the world?

Rock Music in the world is going through a generational change, new bands are representing the bands of the 70, 80 and 90, I categorically reject the distortion and the screams without any melodic form, only that detail made us the most successful genre of the 70s, 80 and 90s.

There is always something more to say that you have not been asked, take advantage of this space

Some will say - but that man does not Rock, that's a glammer - I was influenced by Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Chuck Berry. I am not and I will never be a Metalhead, although I like it, my voice does not give for the genre, I was not influenced by Metallica or Iron Maiden.
Long live Rock n 'roll.

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