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  • Do You Love Music? Explore the world through it

    Know new and wonderful bands from all Latin America and the latin rock scene of the USA.

  • The Journey of Latin Rock and Roll is Here Unique

    One music gender that brings people and countries togheter

  • Subterránica Music Awards The latin Rock Ceremony

    One of the greatest rock music parties in the continent since 2002.

  • The latin rock movement Arrives to New York

    Be part of the magnificent latin rock music scene and its wonderful sounds.

  • The most prolific Movement in latin rock history:)

    Supporting emerging and consolidated artist from all the continent since 2002.

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martes, 19 de septiembre de 2017



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We are an organization with more than 18 years of experience in creating spaces of diffusion, circulation and recognition for the local artists that are not visible in the mainstream, but that overflow in talent. SUBTERRANICA has been the seedbed of great talents in the countries where it has carried out activities. With your support, we can maintain that independence that we value so much, that allows us to create projects without any commercial, religious, political or any other pressure. That freedom that has kept us from our beginnings as a powerful musical family and constantly renewing through creativity and without borders. We are the ones who like rock music. #Subterranica
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